September 26, 2010
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Saturday, Sept 25, 2010 – Sai News & Photo Updates: Yet another evening turned alive with Prasanthi’s collective prayers setting off winning one more pricely Divine Darshan!

This evening, emerging much early compared to the prevalent timings, at 1735 hrs. (5:35 pm), to the chants of Vedam coupled with folklore drum beatings by the devotees from UP and Uttarakand, Bhagawan went for a slow round of darshan blessing multitudes. As He swayed from end to end conferring His benedictory glance upon the thousands, in the men side, one could see a hundred kneeling on their knees, paying obeisance to the Beloved Beauteous Divine Form! At the end of the round, tiny tots got their dues yet again as Bhagawan paused for a while posing at the children, watching them chanting the Vedam enthusiastically. Moving further into the ladies’ side for His ‘extra mile’, Bhagawan turned around to ascend the portico. Talking to a couple of groups Bhagawan came onstage at 1755 hrs. (5:55 pm).

Twin states of UP and Uttarakand were to stage a dance drama entitled “Syan Sya Aradhana” and a beautiful backdrop of the holy Mount of Kailasha was ready facing the Seat of Divinity.

After a ten minute pause, when Bhagawan preferred to attend to devotees’ letters, Bhagawan was accosted by State President seeking initial blessings for the commencement of the programme. This was followed by a group of children in special priestly attire, who came unto him with a temple structure The play was based on the culture and traditions of northern region of Kumaon Mandal in Uttarakand.

The presentation began with a prayer and ritual to Syan Sya, the Supreme Lord, portrayed in traditional folklore. The presentation on the whole was an attempt to depict the rich cultural heritage of the region that has a strong base rooted in faith and devotion. Bringing in a couple of touching incidents from the life of “Little Sathya”, intermittently coming up with dance sequences showcasing tradtions and cultural variety of the region, the fifty minute presentation served as a cultural introduction of the northern region to Prasanthi Nilayam. Jodha Dance, a temple dance prayer to Goddess and Krishi Nritya, depiction of celebration of harvest highlighting harmonious coexistnce of man and animal received rounds of applause from the capacity audience.

Presentation ended in Prasanthi Nilayam where the ‘narrators’ pledge a resolution to follow His core teachings of “Love all Serve All” and “Service to Man is Service to God”. Burst open into a final folk song & dance hailing Prasanthi Nilayam the children from the twin states brought the curtains down on the colourful presentation.

Bhagawan moved down the dais to pose for photo session. This was followed by clothe distribution to the participants, sarees and safari pieces. As prasadam distribution was on, Bhagawan sat through, watching over the proceedings. Mangala Arathi was offered at 1915 hrs. (7:15 pm). Interacting with a couple of boys for some time Bhagawan left the dais after some time, slowly moving off, retiring to Yajur Mandiram.

|| Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu || 
|| Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu ||


May 27, 2010

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